Moon Easter Egg – Cryogenic Slumber Party / Big Bang Theory – Call of Duty: Black Ops Guide

Moon Easter Egg – Cryogenic Slumber Party / Big Bang Theory – Call of Duty: Black Ops Guide

Before you attempt to unlock quite possibly the most elaborate Easter egg known to man in the Zombie map, Moon, you will need to have satisfied these

Zombies – Moon | Solo Easter Egg Tutorial (Cryogenic Slumber Party Achievement Guide)

The power must be turned on before you can begin!

Multiplayer Tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTtNgMIYbqg

Cryogenic Slumber Party Achievement UNLOCKED in SOLO! all steps Guide

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Moon Easter Egg Full Tutorial: The Big Bang Theory and Cryogenic Slumber Party Achievements

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Written Tutorial:

1. Play the Simon Says machine (below the receiving area)
2. Find the hacker tool in the science lab and hack the black button in the middle level. Hack the lit up computer terminals. Press all of the buttons on the second level at the same time(you can also do this part solo just press them fast as seen in video)
3. Have the drill breach tunnel 6. This happens by itself
4. Grab the hacker tool from the labs and use it in the receiving area on the flashing green node that says “tunnel 6”
5. Knife the orb in tunnel 6. This will not show up until it has been breached and cleared.
6. Follow the orb until the satellite and shoot the orb on top of the satellite with the “Wave Gun”
7. Follow the orb and continue to knife it until it reaches the triangular prism.
8. Fill up the vial with 25 souls by killing zombies near the vial.
9. Pull the lever on the right of the triangle that looks like a power switch. The pyramid will open when the switch is pressed.
10. Teleport back to area 51. Throw a grenade behind the crate by the right wall as soon as you arrive. Throw a Gursch device behind this same crate. If done correctly, hexagon plates shoud appear on the teleporter.
11. Teleport back to the moon. The plates would be in front of quick revive. Throw a Quantum Explosive Device on the plates. The should be teleported accross the room to rest on the dials (as shown in the video)
12. Find the “s” shaped pipe in the lab. Connect it in between the dias and the computer terminal in the receiving area (the dias is the one that the hexagon plates were teleported to)
13. As Rictofen, Place the golden rod in between the Hexagon plates on the dias. Smash “x” on the parallel computer control panel until the red screen turns green permanently. (Don’t be fooled! It changes green and then back to red at the beginning) . Have Rictofen pick up the golden rod.
14. Go back to the pyramid. As soon as you approach it, four vials will appear on the four corners of the base. Fill the vials with approx. 25 zombie souls each (about 100 souls total. Watch video for some tips on this part)
15. As Rictofen, press “x” on the golden rod slot at the front base of the pyramid. This will give Rictofen all 8 perks.
16. Go play “Samantha Says” again. You will have to play this three times with increasing difficulty each time.
17. Go back down to the pyramid. Throw a QED on the ORB/BALL at the front base of the pyramid.
18. Go back up to “Samantha Says” and throw a Gersch device on top of the orb which is located at the base of the terminals.


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Moon Easter Egg Achievement Guide (Cryogenic Slumber Party & Big Bang Theory)


– Need 2-4 players.
– Cryogenic Slumber Party can be soloed then a minimum of 2 players are needed to continue Easter Egg, one has to be Richtofen.
– Everyone must have the Ensemble Cast and Time Travel Will Tell achievements.
– You will need the Wave Gun, QEDs, and Gersch Devices.