How to Find Petalcaps – New World Guide

How to Find Petalcaps – New World Guide

Welcome to our New World guide for How to Find Petalcaps! Whether you need them for crafting or to complete the Weakness of the Ego main story quest, we have

Where To Find Pedalcap In New World – Weakness of the Ego Guide (Closed Beta)

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Where to Find Petalcap and Rivercress Stem – New World

How to acquire the Petalcap and Rivercress Stem required to complete the “Weakness of the Ego” main story quest in New World MMORPG! Craft a Corruption Tincture at an Arcane Repository.

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How To Get Petalcap & Rivercress FAST! – New World

How To Get Petalcap & Rivercress FAST! – New World

How to find Petalcap & Rivercress! In this video, I am going to show you guys rivercress stem and fronded petalcap spots that you can farm EASY. Quests & crafting both will need these items. I hope you guys are enjoying the game so far and use game stamps to save time and watch what you want. Thanks for being here!

– Chapters –
0:00 Intro
00:59 Mapping Out Rivercress & Petalcap Route
03:09 Running routes in-game
08:13 Summary & Backup Plan

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Petalcap Location – Where to find Petal cap in New World

Where to find Petalcap in New World. In this New World video, I’ll be showing you where to get Fronded Petalcap or Petal Cap. The Petalcaps are not easy to find in New World.. this is the only Petalcap location. Subscribe for more New World https://www.youtube.com/Subscribe?sub_confirmation=1/

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